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The Cost to join this program is $188.00 In this Divine Feminine Course "RISING", you will learn about connecting and balancing with your Divine Feminine Energy. We'll also be focusing on merging the Divine Feminine and Masculine Energy into our Heart Space to create a more balanced state of mind. Throughout this course I will be covering the following: ▪️Guided Meditations ▪️Teaching you the importance of Body Movement. ▪️Guidance for connecting with your Divine Feminine and Masculine. ▪️Self-Love Tips and Tricks on a budget. ▪️Removing Energetic Imprints from your Etheric Template and Chakras as well realigning and activating your Chakras. ▪️Raising up and Clearing Traumas and Energetic Scars that have been trapped in layers of your Aura as well as your Chakras. ▪️Teaching you ways to embrace your Feminine Essence, find your Voice and Power once again and teach you how to become a Natural Born Leader!

You can also join this program via the mobile app.




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